hypeInteractions Warning

hypeInteractions plugin warning

WARNING: Deprecated in 2.3: elgg_view_input() is deprecated. Use elgg_view_field() Called from [#29] /path/to/members/vendor/elgg/elgg/engine/lib/views.php:1387<br /> -> [#28] /path/to/members/mod/hypeInteractions/views/default/forms/comment/save.php:38

Please advise


  • It's a deprecation WARNING not an error. Deprecation warnings tell you - as you already were told in another topic - that the function the warning is about has changed or that there was a replacement function added instead. For the present the usage of the function as implemented in the plugin will still work but it could fail to work (due to the function being removed or no longer handle the BC usage) in a future major version of Elgg.

    So, you can use the plugin throwing the deprecation warning as it is for the present (assuming you wouldn't enable logging of warnings on a production site anyway) and have no problems with it at all.

    If you want to fix it nevertheless, just try to follow the hints included in the deprecation warning log entry. These hints will not only tell you where the deprecated usage is but give you already some basic idea what needs to be changed (at least if you have some basic knowledge of PHP and Elgg development - if not... as I said... you can just leave it as it is for the time being).

    As for fixing elgg_view_input() usage by switching to usage of elgg_view_field(): see http://reference.elgg.org/master/lib_2views_8php.html#a8220d5df5a442aeea8044c177dba5dbf for an explanation of the parameters of elgg_view_field().

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