some suggestions on why i cant load blog posts when i click on them

ok heres the problem.

blogs loads ok, but when i go and click on the blogs either in the blogs area or in the groups it either reloads the main page or the group blogs page, but it does not load the post that i click on, any advice would be helpful thanks


current elgg version 1.12.

also i have contacted the host about updating to the latest version but i am still waiting for them to do that.

  • I would suggest to look into the server error (Apache and/or PHP error log) and to check the webconsole of your browser for errors that might tell you what is wrong. Most likely some 3rd party plugin you have installed on your site causes some problem. If you don't see any relevant error in the logs or in the webconsole I would suggest to disable your 3rd party plugins temporarily to see if the error is still there then. If not, a plugin is causing the problem and you would have to find out which. If the problem is stil there, you know that it's not a plugin issue at least.

  • will i found the problem plugin a built in one called rivercommands plugin and its working ok now , thanks buddy