request help for a plugin advise for privage message attachment with browse pc options

hey all

i am in need in help.

recently me and a few other members of my members group, are unable to attach a image u no like u can in say forum posts u have the attachment option below the message box text . but i got a plugins installed called Extended tinymce but it doesn't give you the option to browser you pc.

as you can see here.



can anyone suggest a plugin for 1.12 elgg please that has the option to browse the pc for images etc .



also i did look up on the plugins area, there is one that does it, but wrong version of elgg, and that plug in was called ckeditor with image upload

thanks in advanced



  • With Extended Tinymce you can't upload images to be placed within a posting. You can only select images to be inserted (by providing the url to that image) that are already available on the Internet (either on your Elgg site or on another site). Beside that you can use the bundled Embed plugin to insert images (that you can either upload at the time of writing the posting or select an image your already uploaded before with the Files plugin). The Embed plugin uses the Files plugin for the upload, so there will be a file entry created independently from the posting.

    Another possibility is the CKEditor Addons plugin ( that also allows some simple file upload/embedding.