Unable to log back in to Maintanence Mode

This is kind of embarrassing. I have placed my site in Maintanence Mode and were configuring plugins. After configuring 4 plugins, I don't know why, I simply executed upgrade.php from admin dash board. I didn't flush it first. The site loged me out and I am unable to log back in with two of the following admin user names:

Admin (Default Admin Username)
shad2266 - as password.
Email: admin@myhotfb.com

2nd Admin Account
Email myhotfb@myhotfb.com

Error I get is "You are unauthorized to perform this action"

Did I loose admin privileges of both the account?

what to do now?
Do I delete everything and start over?
Really sad. Please help.

  • Is there a way to set the Maintenance mode off?

  • You would need to edit a database entry (for example with phpMyAdmin) to disable the maintenance mode.

    In the datalist table there should be a row where "elgg_maintenance_mode" is in the name row. Change the value of this row to 0 or delete this row and the maintenance mode should be off again.

    The problem was running the upgrade script with the maintenance mode on. It seems this can cause a problem (so it seems you also shouldn't enable maintenance mode while upgrading Elgg to a newer version). After you removed or fixed the database entry you should be able to log in again. If you are (hopefully successful) logged in, go to the admin area and check if you can repeat running the upgrade ("Control panel" widget on admin dashboard) or if the upgrade is currently locked because the previous execution got stuck.

  • ilony XoXo. Ur solution worked like a charm.