Regarding hypeInteractions

I try to use hypeInteractions plugin and like it very much. However I noticed a few problems:

  1. Click on a like creates 2 likes.
  2. "Enable visual editor by default" option has no effect. The visual editor appears whether the option is "Yes" or "No".
  3. Depending on the selected number of "Comment tree depth" a few visual editors appear, which might confuse the user.

​Is this the normal behavior of the plugin or I made some mistake in the settings?

Thank you for your help.

  • Yes, I use Elgg 2.3.7. However, I made more detailed research and found the following:
    1) Re clicks on "like"
    The double response does not happen all the time. Sometimes when the admin likes something he receives :
    1) "Your like has been removed" followed by "You now like this item". As a result there is no "like".
    Sometimes the response is
    2) "You now like this item" followed again by "You now like this item". As a result there are 2 "like".
    The first response also appears when the owner of the blog try to like a comment of other user.
    I did not have such problems with other users, i.e. besides the admin and the owner.
     2) Re setting "Enable visual editor by default" to "No"
    It works OK till one user comments. After that the visual editor appears for other users by default on the same blog post.
     3) Multiple visual editors
    When you have a few reply threads to a blog (I use 2 levels), each reply thread has a visible visual editor + the main visual editor at the bottom.
    I use 4 different browsers to check the performance and might made mistake.
    Thank you
  • Please report the issues separately on github. I will have a look when I have time.

  • I have the same issue but i also thought it's normal.. I don't have the like problem but the other two problem is there problem 2 & 3 .. Regarding the like i have not much seen it that close .. But i have an 4th problem when i reply to a blog or any object for that i get a msg of comment posted success but i don't see the comment sometimes i son't get any msg but when i refresh i get 2 comments posted .. 

    I have raced the issue in github