No unsubscribe in text email notification

As far as I could see all the text email notifications have no link to unsubscribe or to manage the subscription. I found it on html_email_handler plugin but not on simple text emails.

Since it is required by law I believe I missed it somehow.

Please advise.


  • First, you might take a look at the Set No Notifications plugin ( It sets the email notifications user settings to "off" by default for new users (or you can set it to "off" on the plugin settings page). This way a user has to opt-in to receive email notifications.

    Then you might also want to take a look at the Email Postscript plugin I just released ( With this plugin a postscript text will be added to email notifications. The text of this postscript can be configured by modifying the language string in the language file. By default, it will contain links to the user's notification settings and group notification settings where the user could decide to not receive email notifications.

  • Big thank you iionly. I installed it and it works like a charm - well done!

    I "suspect" that you have developed it as an answer to my question. If so, the thank you is even bigger:).

    This is a very important feature nowadays. To maximize the chances to cross all the spam filters on the way, email notifications must contain an unsubscribe link.

    Thank you very much.