Not always arrives to user confirmation mail and layout of confirmation mail

Hi to all,

i have two problems with confirmation mail sended to users when they register on site.

1. Not always the confirmation mail arrives (example I have tried a lot of times on a HOTMAIL and NO ARRIVES, while on a GMAIL arrives and it's all ok)

2. Where Can I adjust/edit the impagination/layout of the confirmation mail ? 

becouse now it arrives in this way and the logo is not good:

I have tried to add a more smaller logo but the result was the same. Maybe I have to enlarge the layout so the Logo can enter good in the layout of the mail. I don't know, what do you suggest about it ?

thanks !!!

  • With Yahoo Mails  works fine,

    with Gmail Mails works fine,

    with Outlook and Hotmail doesn't work.


  • Nobody can help me ? Any idea about that problems ?

    For example, where can i found the layout of the confirmation mail to try to fix it ?

    And about the problems with confirmation mail that not always works, I have to ask to my host provider or from which can depend according to you ?

    Thanks !

  • How have you added a logo to the validation email in the first place? Without knowing it's quite impossible to say what could be changed. By default, Elgg sends all emails as text mails only, so there's no need to change the layout of it at all. The text of the mails would be in the languages files of Elgg. For example, the text of the validation mail would be in the language file of the uservalidationbyemail plugin.

    If you added the logo image by modifying the language file already (e.g. the image gets loaded from some external source), it might explain why some email providers are more strict in filtering the validation mails out, because loading media data from the Internet is commonly used in spam mails also.

    Generally speaking, you can increase the probability for the mails to arrive by setting up some verification methods on your server that allow the mail providers to verify the origin of the sender of the mails. Different email providers might use diferent methods for verifications. SPF (Sender Policy Framework), DomainKeys and a valid PTR record for inverse DNS queries are commonly used. You might want to ask your provider about setitng these up if you don't know how to do it (they would have to add the PTR record anyway as you most likely have no permission to do that yourself).

    There are also some sites like that you could check out to see if they might blacklist your server/IP already (could have been done by hotmail once they thought that too much "spam" comes from your server). Once on a blacklist, any following mail would also get blocked from mail providers that check these blacklist (so in the long run not only the provider who added you to the blacklist). Short term solution is to request to be removed from the blacklist. Long term solution is to add some verification method or you might end on a blacklist soon after again. You might also have a special mail account on your server (e.g. automatically created where all bouncing mails land. These emails (also non-delivery notices) could contain info about the reason why a mail was blocked and possibly also suggestions what to do (or an error code you could lookup on the support pages of the email providers for more info what they suggest in this case).

  • No, i have not added my logo in uservalidation plugin, It take logo by yourself.

    However, i don't know why but installing and using HTML Handler plugin and responsive Modern HTML plugin, confirmation mail has arrived to hotmail and also arrived with excellent layout and perfect logo dimension.
    So, for now seems i have solved in this way, with these two plugins.
    I have Just to understand how edit the text of the mail and the social icons in the mail. (I would like ti change icons Image and related links).