Why does appear this written with Elggchat: elggchat:friendspicker:nofriends instead "No Friends Online" ?

Do you know why does appear this written instead of "No friends online".

About Chat, what is the best Chat at today for Elgg 2.3, that running fine ?

Thanks !

  • It's in language already. Maybe, you've installed wrong version? Try to use the latest elggChat from GitHub

    You should to flush the cache after renew this plugin.

    what is the best Chat at today for Elgg 2.3, that running fine ?

    Seems, elggChat only. Did you tried our customized FreiChat because we've not tested it a long time?

  • I have tried also last release of ElggChat. Nothing, same text error. Don't know why.

    Now I try FreiChat and then I'll tell you about. Thanks!

  • FreiChat is not working on my site.

    ElggChat seems works fine except for that ---> elggchat:friendspicker:nofriends instead "No Friends Online"

    I have downloaded last release and tried but the problem remains. 


  • Please test if some other 3rd party plugin is causing the problem by disabling the other 3rd party plugins temporarily. There was such an issue reported already long ago when Elgg 2 was still quite new due to some other plugin not yet correctly updated for Elgg 2 causing an error with JS libs not getting loaded (not only for this plugin but for others, too). Maybe you use some plugin that still is not fully compatible with Elgg 2 (or has some other bug causing the problem). But without knowing which plugin this might be it's quite impossible to give you any specific advice (if knowing which other plugin is the problem, the suggestion would be to ask the developer of this plugin to fix it - if this hasn't been done already and you just don't use the latest version of this plugin where this issue would be fixed).