Posts posted on HypeWall don't appear on the Wire, why ??

I don't know why when I wrote and publish a post on the Hypewall , this post doesn't appear on the Wire.

While publishing on the wire , the post appear also on the HypeWall.

Do you know the reason ? 

Thanks to all! 

  • The Wire and the hypeWall plugin offer basically the same functionality. The hypeWall plugin has some additional functionality compared to the Wire plugin. So, one reason why wall postings don't show up on the wire is that this additional functionality can't be handled by the Wire plugin (e.g. wall postings allow to set an access level whereas the wire postings always are public, so it would be rather pointless to restrict access to a wall posting if the same posting added to the wire would be visible to everyone). I don't know if the hypeWall plugin ever added the wall postings to the wire in the past. But right now it just wouldn't work anymore. And it also is just not of much use anyway, if the wall postings would be added to the wire, because the two plugins are so similar in functionality most people would decide to use only one of these plugins but not both at the same time.

  • Yes i agree, i will use only hypeWall.