Privacy Notification

plugin nlybe/Elgg-Privacy-Notification
after identification the acceptance page of the conditions appears
if I click on the icon previous page I enter the site without accepting the conditions


what is the difference between the nlybe / Elgg-Privacy-Notification plugin and Privacy Notification of nikos is we have to launch these commands Installation Use composer to install this plugin. On site root folder, run the command: composer require nlybe / privacy_notification before or after installing and activating the plugin


  • @jmperu: I cannot reproduce this issue you mention. Some points to your site is open to non logged-in users ? Have you determine in settings the pages pages restricted by privacy policy?

    If you still meet this issue, report it on plugin's repository and provide as more information as possible.


    About you 2nd question, it's suggested to install this plugin using the php composer, so all dependencies will be also installed. After that you can enable the plugin in settings. In this case you don't have to download/unzip/upload etc.

    est-ce que cette commande correcte compositeur doit télécharger le plugin et l'installer
    nous ne pouvons pas les installer simplement c'est à dire télécharger le zip, décompresser dans MOD et activer le plugin?
    I installed composer as indicated on the site

    Download and run Composer-Setup.exe. It will install the latest Composer version and set up your PATH so that you can call composer from any directory in your command line.

    I still have the page error not found
  • after installing the plugins by the classic method
    download, decompression and activation


    after several validation of the general conditions I have nothing in the list Privacy Notification Users accepted
    here I am getting in the list of users who validated the terms and conditions



    Privacy Notification : User's List


    Users accepted privacy notification

    ID Name Username Email Accepted IP Address Browser Actions
    ID Name Username Email Accepted IP Address Browser Actions
    I managed locally to install by dialing but the result of the listings is identical nothing is displayed except these two lines
    ID Name Username Email Accepted IP Address Browser Actions
    ID Name Username Email Accepted IP Address Browser Actions
    Hello, thanks with this version it works locally but on my server it's the same I transferred the mod \ datatables_api directory and mod \ privacy_notification But it does not change anything I had run composer.exe locally I saw that there were changes in vendor is what I need to transfer this directory too? cordially
  • Yes. It's always better to use composer on remote server as well but you can try to upload and vendor changes as well.

    Hello, actually by putting the vendor directory up to date it works cordially