RSS Import Plugin Exception Login

I am facing a problem with RSS Import plugin ( ..

I noted the plugin has started to create a lot of Login Exception( & fails the daily cron job.. The problem i noted is that the RSS import plugin is not able to login as a user to import the content from RSS link. The reason is it's not able to login due to elgg /engine/lib/session.php  at line 329 it has a security check which says if the user does not has a session then you need to through no login exception.

// give plugins a chance to reject the login of this user (no user in session!)
if (!elgg_trigger_before_event('login', 'user', $user)) {
throw new \LoginException(elgg_echo('LoginException:Unknown'));
To override this we need to make the RSS Import plugin to create a session & then try to login.. Can any one help me on how to create a session in elgg to make the RSS Import to login..
Thank you in advance.
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