New event calendar plugin ready for testing

Hi all,

I've just added an Elgg 1.5 version of my event calendar plugin to my plugins area:

Please download it and tell me what you think.

This version is:

  • much prettier,
  • has several bug fixes, and
  • has loads of new features, including the ability to configure the site-wide calendar so that any logged-in user can add events to it.

Take a look at the event calendar settings under tools administration to see all the different options.

So far I have tested it in FF 3 and IE 7.

Thanks to Pete Harris from Curverider for the spiffy new icons.

Please tell me what you think!

  • On the other hand, it might make more sense for you to simply generate a Dutch equivalent of the packed file. That would presumably load quite a bit faster than if I included several unpacked files instead.

  • @Kevin,

    I deactivated all the old plugins, now your calendar works fine for me ;)

    However one bug I just recognized is that the calender is not pying attention to the sidewide standard access setting I can set in Elgg 1.5. The dropdown upon creating a new event always shows private as standard option.

    Also I think it could be a improvement to have the option to see all upcoming events on one page (maybe events of the whole year or so), as we do not have too much events and entering a empty page because there is no event in the actual month is somehow confusing. I think I will play around with this and a box for the riverdashboard next weekend maybe.

  • Hi Dahaniel,

    Thanks for the bug report - I just fixed the default access problem so that this won't happen in the new release.

  • What would I have to do to get the upcoming sitewide events like in the group_profile?

    I want to show the next 3-5 upcoming site_wide events (a user is allowed to access) on the riverdashboard.

  • No idea - I didn't code the riverdashboard and don't know how it works.

  • Played around a bit and now have the box from the groupprofile showing up in my riverdashboard sidebar! Have to adjust the css a bit.

    I did some more boxes like online users etc., I think I post a page with some code when I think I am finished ;)

  • hey, it would be nice to have a checkbox to ask if it's an "every sunday", for example, event.

    I mean, if i have an event that happens every one day of the week, i would set it just one time.