New event calendar plugin ready for testing

Hi all,

I've just added an Elgg 1.5 version of my event calendar plugin to my plugins area:

Please download it and tell me what you think.

This version is:

  • much prettier,
  • has several bug fixes, and
  • has loads of new features, including the ability to configure the site-wide calendar so that any logged-in user can add events to it.

Take a look at the event calendar settings under tools administration to see all the different options.

So far I have tested it in FF 3 and IE 7.

Thanks to Pete Harris from Curverider for the spiffy new icons.

Please tell me what you think!

  • Hi Dahaniel,

    Yes, that is the expected behaviour. There are month, week and day views.

    You are looking at the month view.

    You can access "All events" on the site wide calendar by paging month by month - just like you would page on the activity river page using its navigation.

    Most calendars are organised by month ...

  • Oh, than I have a problem with the pagination... mybe some other plugin is interfering. When I find the time I try to deactivate all non 1.5 plugins and try again.

  • Dahaniel,

    You use the calendar on the right.

  • Hi Kevin

    Found an issue when viewing who attends an event (personal calendars).

    The little arrow-thing on profile pictures is impossible to click, maybe to much offset to the right?

    Otherwise it's one of the best plugins for Elgg.


  • Hi slyhne,

    I think that you're describing a standard Elgg feature (profile menu), not created by my plugin.

    Glad that you find it useful!

  • Hi Dahaniel,

    Really weird. Perhaps some interference by another plugin? I'm using the standard jQuery datepicker and the calendar on right is inserted using JavaScript.

    Always works for me ...

  • Hi Okki.

    I got the code from the jQuery site and removed nothing from it.



  • @okki: ah, well, the copyrights are still in the essential dependent jquery core distrib which comes with Elgg, so no chance on any confusion, especially as it is packed. Reading the GPL itself on, you may find this is allowed as long as the reference to the orginating, is clear as it is:

  • Okki,

    The packed file was generated by the jQuery UI site itself.

    There was an option somewhere on the site that generated that.

    I did not do this myself and I certainly did not edit the file after it was produced.

    Your point actually seems to be that the presence of the packed file makes it difficult for you to localise the JavaScript.

    If that is the case, then I need you or someone else to explain very clearly *exactly* what you want me to do instead.

    I'll be releasing an updated version of the event calendar next week. If I get a simple patch that explains what I should do instead of including the packed file, I will try to implement it.