New event calendar plugin ready for testing

Hi all,

I've just added an Elgg 1.5 version of my event calendar plugin to my plugins area:

Please download it and tell me what you think.

This version is:

  • much prettier,
  • has several bug fixes, and
  • has loads of new features, including the ability to configure the site-wide calendar so that any logged-in user can add events to it.

Take a look at the event calendar settings under tools administration to see all the different options.

So far I have tested it in FF 3 and IE 7.

Thanks to Pete Harris from Curverider for the spiffy new icons.

Please tell me what you think!

  • Featured events would not be that hard to do.

    On the other hand, I do have other plugins to work on and I'm keen to not introduce features that won't get widely used.

    What do other people think about featured events?

  • If you'd like, I can translate the calendar plugin to Norwegian? Let me know.



  • featured event would be very useful i think.

  • I also vote on featured event for future versions. 

  • Hello Kimster,
    If you want to translate in Norwegian, you have to translate the file /mod/event_calendar/language/en.php and put the translation in /mod/event_calendar/language/no.php

    and you have to translate the .js file ui.datepicker.packed.js.

    Just create a file named ui.datepicker-no.packed.js

    You have to tell to Kevin the date format you use dd/mm/yy or mm/dd/yy



  • Absolutley Awsome !

    Is their a way i can get the Events to show on the Group Main Page? ie Next Event 

  • Featured event will be so nice if included.

    Thanks Kevin in advance.

  • Hi okki,

    I did something very simple : I used the js file which was in the kevin's zip file. I opened it and translate the word I found in it. At the end I saved it in a new file.

    I know it may not be the best thing I could do, but it's a beginning ! :-)

    The second trouble was the date format, the trouble is not in the js file but in the calendar. That's why I said to Kimster to specify the date format. Because it's event_calendar who call the js file with the goods parameters, and at the end, event_calendar make a translation to a unique date format. That's why I started to explain my plans to Kevin because translating the event_calendar is not as easy as we could think.


  • I think that I'll add the date format string to the language file so it can be translated along with everything else.

    As for the best way to incorporate datepicker translations: please tell me what the best way is, and I'll implement that.

  • It seems I see only the events for the actual month, even if I click on "All Events". Only my profile widget is showing more events.


    On top of the page it says:

    Event calendar (Month: March 2009)