Upgrade to Elgg 3.0


I am creating a social network using Elgg. As I was building my first plugins, I decided to upgrade Elgg from 2.3.7 to 3.0 so I won't have to do the work twice.

In Elgg 3.0 administration, I have one last pending upgrade titled "Alter database encoding for multi-byte support" which fails executing 'SET GLOBAL innodb_large_prefix = 'ON'' due to the lack of 'super' privileges.

As the project is currently a proof-of-concept, we are testing Elgg on a shared hosting and don't have those privileges on the database. However, this specific variable 'innodb_large_prefix' is already set to "ON" and thus I would like to try running this upgrade (for the emojis and special chars) without this specific query. Is this possible to alter (hack) those upgrades ?

I could not find where these upgrade scripts are located.

Btw, do you know if an RC is expected to be released soon ?