Is there anyone who could update the Backup Tool for Elgg 3.0

Is there anyone who could update the Backup Tool for the coming Elgg 3.0 in case it is incompatible. I have been using it in 2.3.X(7) and it works but it has long since been abandoned and I am concerned it won't work for 3.0 when it become public.  link to the plugin:

  • I'm surprised it still fully works on Elgg 2.x even.

    Most likely, it will require at least some changes to work on Elgg 3.x. I might be able to take a look at it at a later time. With "later time" I mean it could still take quite a loooong while though. I've not even started looking into updating my plugins for Elgg 3 yet ("looking into" meaning rather to find out what needs to be changed and not working on the actual changes..). And I assume that at least some of the more complex plugin will require some more changes - not good with not much free time available in the first place.

    Not knowing when Elgg 3.0 will finally get released I would suggest not to get into a hurry with updating. For the time being Elgg 2.3 is fine until at least the key plugins will also be available for Elgg 3 (... and maybe also Elgg 3 core has proven to be stable).

  • I am not a coder but I checked backup tool 1.2 with Visual Studio Code under PHP 7.0.30 and it didn't give any errors on debug. I don't know if I am doing everything right but maybe someone can give some pointers. I am going to try a few plugins to see if they have errors or not and then try them with PHP 7.1 and 7.2. I would like to help with this if i am able.

  • I think compatibility with php 7+ might be less of a problem for most plugins. It's rather the stuff in the Elgg engine that changed for Elgg 3 that might require more or less modifications in the code of existing plugins to get them fully compatible with Elgg 3. But I've not yet started to work on that for my plugins (I DID some upgrade work last year already but I think it was too early as more things changed in Elgg 3 since then so I have to start again - and most likely will do so only when the final Elgg 3.0 is out).

    As for the Backup plugin I have started some cleanup work (for Elgg 2) as the code is quite un-organized and messy. With this work done it should be much less work to get it compatible with Elgg 3, too. But my main priority is a new iZAP Videos release at the moment and I would like to get this done asap. So, the Backup plugin is only the second priority (when I need a break from iZAP Videos). Stay tuned. I hope it will be done before the final 3.0 is out.

  • Good to hear as it is a very very useful plugin. My server backs up every day as well but I like the backup tool and am going to try seeing if it allows restoring the backup on a different server with a fresh elgg than the one it was backed up on.