Installation failed by 2 different hosts.

The installation of Elgg failed by 2 different hosts.  As well when I try manually than automatically with Zacky or with Softaculous.  The host who works with Softaculous can't help because they have no experience with the program.  The other one I didn't ask.  I wonder if you can have done anything wrong when the automatic installation fails. 

In case I don't arrive to install it, does it differ a lot from Dolphin?

  • Without knowing what exactly failed (Elgg version, error that occured) it's impossible to give any advice.

    Softaculous is responsible for getting any auto-installation of software to work. Maybe it doesn't work with recent versions of Elgg at all. Or maybe Softaculous can't resolve the requirements of Elgg correctly. Anyway, the manuall installation of Elgg should work in any case as explained at Maybe the requirements (e.g. php 5.6 at minimum) where not fullfiled on the server. If you would provide more info about what error has occured in your manual installation attempt we might be able to guide you through the installation process.