Adding button for attach files from my computer


I'm new to the ELGG system, and still trying to understand my ways around here.

I'd wish to add a button to the hypeWall plugin (the textbox for fast commenting) that will allow users to attach a file from their computer, and so other users will then have the option to watch/download the file.

I'm really stuck and have no idea where to start. Neither adding the button physically to the buttons bar, nor implementing the functionality of a button like this.

I would appreciate very much to get a guidance from you all.


  • hypeWall supports file uploads out of the box, you just need to install all the suggested dependencies. In the plugin list, click on the plugin name and see what other plugins are suggested.

  • Hi, thank you for your answer.

    I checked, and I've got all of the dependencies installed, yet I still don't know what I need to do with it.

    I'll appreciate if you can help me,


  • Not sure if it's supposed to work with arbitrary file types. As it seems to me, it only works for images. With hypeAttachments installed you get the option to share a photo with a wall posting. hypeDropzone only changes the upload form to also allow drag+drop image file selection (and would give a hint that non-image file uploads are not supported). I don't know though if I failed to understand some of the hypeAttachments functionality. For example, even allowing attachments let's say for blogs I don't see how I could add an attachment to a blog posting. Maybe I missed something that would allow to add arbitrary files as attachments to wall posts, too.

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