"Like" action is too slow

Hi everyone,

When I use browser of my local server, and when I "like" a content, The "like" action is performed quickly and the the confirmation message "you now like this item" is displayed.

But when I try to use another computer in my network, and "like" a content, The "like" action is performed slowly and take at least 9 seconds.

I dont know what's wrong because there is some networks trouble. I have the same behavior when I do a point-to-point connection.

Could someone help me ?

Best regard


  • If you have network trouble (or have I understood you wrong?) then this might be the reason for the slowness. If you test in your local network, how have you configured the routing? If there's some error in the routing configuration there might be trouble resolving the route to the computer with the Elgg site on. Is it really only the like action that is slow or are other action / page loads also slow? Have you set up your Elgg site with an IP address as site url or have you set up a "domain name". And how are you accessing the site from the other computers: in the same way as on the Elgg site server (IP or domain name) or do you enter a different url? The simpliest way to set up would be to use some domain name (not localhost) as site url, e.g. myelggsite.home.nil and then make an entry in the hosts file of each computer you want to access the site from to route this domain to the IP of the Elgg server. If you don't do it this way, you would need to set up a local nameserver for the routing (if you haven't done so yet).

  • Thanks a lot for your answer. Only the like action is slowed page loads is not slow.

    I am using nameserver. I using domain name, so I maked an entry in the hosts file of each computer in my network (/etc/hosts).

    I dont have network or routing trouble beause other website on the same network works perfectly.

    Best regard.

  • Sorry. I guess I understoof you wrong then regarding some general network trouble. If it's only the liking that is slow then I think that everything is fine with routing and nameserver.

    Which version of Elgg are you using? The last significant change in code in the likes plugin was made with the release of Elgg 2.3.0. So, it might help to upgrade to Elgg 2.3 if you are not using it yet (if you are still on Elgg 1.x this might not be a suitable solution on short term though).

    Have you tested if some other 3rd party plugin causes the issue. Maybe some other plugin interferres here and slows down the like action. If you temporarily disable all other 3rd party plugins you could test out if this makes any difference for the like action. Unfortunately, I have no other ideas at the moment and can't point out any plugin that might be a candidate for causing trouble with the likes plugin.

  • Thanks a lot. I will disable 3rd party plugins and I will check again. I am using elgg 2.3.2


  • It should be no risk to upgrade to Elgg 2.3.7. It might not fix the like action issue (but who knows) but there are some other bug fixes you will get. Apart from upgrading testing with 3rd party plugins disabled is still the only suggestion I can make at the moment.

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