Difficulty for new members to register on elgg 2.3.6

after activating the site restriction for registered users, elgg 2.3.6 does not accept to register other members. the registration page does not transmit the completed information in the form.

  • I've just tested and it works fine for me on Elgg 2.3.6 with restricted page access enabled.

    Could it be that you have installed a 3rd party plugin on your site that fails to work (at least partly) with walled garded mode (restriced access) enabled? This plugin could cause the registration to fail (maybe other things doesn't work correctly either even if you haven't noticed yet). I would suggest to test with 3rd party plugins temporarily disabled. If it works then, you know that one of them is causing the problem and you only need to test out which one. If you know the problematic plugin (if a plugin is the problem), you could make a bug report for this plugin or ask for more specific advice.