Is there an easy to follow and understand manual/instructions for getting email to work?  I've tried a couple for Ubuntu PHP but still no luck.

My prospective users will never receive their new user verification emails.

I want to use gmail as the admin email.  I'd also like to use gmail to send an email to the new users.



  • So, I have a test email PHP script.  It appears to work, somewhat.  the results of the script is:

    Attempting to email
    SUCCESS! PHP successfully delivered email to your MTA. If you don't see the email in your inbox in a few minutes, there is a problem with your MTA.

    I obfuscated the email address here.  I don't want to get that email addy on some list.

    Anyway, it looks like the email was sent successfully but I never get it in the gmail inbox? The gmail account works fine for other incoming emails.



  • Is the new user email validation supposed to work out of the box with the uservalidationeamail plugin?

  • Somewhere along the way of the email it most likely gets rejected because the sending server (the MTA on your server) is not a gmail server.

    By default, Elgg requires a MTA to be configured on the server that handles sending of mails. If the MTA is configured correctly, you wouldn't have to configure anything in Elgg at all. But the MTA on your server might already accept only mail addresses from the server domain as sender address. So, on option you have is to use a mail address from your domain as site email address (e.g. create a mail address like no-reply@yourdomain.url).

    The other possibility is to use an Elgg plugin that adds smtp as mail transport protocoll ( might do - the other smpt plugins haven't been updated to work on the recent versions of Elgg unfortunately). Then you should be able to use an external mail address, e.g. from gmail, as site email address.

  • With regards to validation emails the uservalidationbyemai plugin should work out-of-the-box if sending of emails (like email notifications from Elgg) from your Elgg site works.