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So first off I do not normally do development, but I am looking for a customizable open source social networking script, similar to facebook.

I need to be able to add a live video onto the timeline or whatever it's called on elgg.  The live comments should also be available with the live streaming video.

I think if I could use an iFrame on the timeline, that would suffice for now.

Is it possible with elgg to add an iFrame on the timeline and also include the live commenting?

Think of Facebook and how it displayed live video.   That is what I need to do.   The actual live streaming video will be initialized and started on another website using it's media server.  And it can be viewed at  another site.  It's this site I need to post on the timeline, using something like <iFrame src="live video stream ID"></iFrame>

Is this easily doable with elgg?



  • @Rayj00, Anything is possible with Elgg Engine. It depends how much you are willing to spend on a web hosting budget. There are several plugins that have been built for Elgg here on Elgg Community and elsewhere that can make your project come true. For example, if you are on a dedicated server, you can host all of your videos within Elgg data folder and let them stream on timeline like Facebook or Elgg activity page without much problem by using YouTube Clone for Elgg plugin  for self hosting videos like Facebook and YouTube videos. OR If you want to do Live Streaming of your videos and comments you can use third parties like VideoWhisper Live Streaming application which might cost you some more money as your Elgg members or users increases.

    For the live comments plugins, you can use New Live Notifications Ajax or other Elgg Live Notifications plugins to customize your Elgg site.

    There are several Websites which are running on Elgg or started their Facebook or YouTube like sites and now have customized their core codes to accommodate their new user's streaming demands. One of those organizations is Minds .

    So, a simple answer for your question "Is this easily doable with Elgg?"

    The answer is Yes it can be done with Elgg but it will depend on your hosting budget and how much you are willing to spend to customize your site. 

    If you need customization of your Elgg site, ask for help on Elgg Professional Group and someone can pick up your project and help you achieve your dream.

  • Thanks Tom, that's good news.  I have been trying to get Sngine to do what I want but their code gives me headaches!  

    Does Elgg use PHP?  I have not installed yet.

    Thanks again.   I am going to give it a shot!



  • Elgg uses mainly php. There's also some javascript code but for a start coding in php should cover the basic customization cases. Best would be you just install Elgg and try for yourself.

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