where would i find this page in my templates please

Where would i find this page in my templates please to customize it ?

i'v turned access off for non-members, so this is the page people see. 


thank you :) 

 edit: and what does this mean please ? 'missing access level name' ?


  • thank you for that :)


    where does it say which template it is please ? i can't seem to see it.




    thank you. 



    edit: i found the css views/default/walled_garden.css  

  • found it :)



    thanks for the help :) 

  • sorry what was the 'missing access name' meaning ? 

  • My guess is that you are using some 3rd party plugin to have this access level functionality with this type of postings (or is it the normal wire postings with the possibility to select access level for the wire postings added by some 3rd party plugin).

    If you enable the walled-garden option (pages restricted to logged-in users) Elgg unsets the "public" access level (wouldn't make sense in this case because users not logged-in would be able to access the content anyway). But the plugin you use to add the access level selection to the wire postings (or some custom wire-like posting type) has not been written for the case of walled-garden of Elgg enabled (in older versions the public access level wasn't unset). So, the plugin has the problem of trying to offer an access level that Elgg has unset and therefore this invalid select option is shown.

    It would be necessary to update the code of this plugin accordingly to no longer offer the public access level with walled-garden of Elgg enabled. You might want to inform the plugin developer about it and maybe there will be an updated version of this plugin released then.

  • ok thank you @iionly it's the thewire tools plugin so i'll contact the author.



    thank you for helping