For some reason when someone replies to a post it shows the HTML can I get it...not to do that?

So I think the topic explains it all but I'm going to also attach an image...I don't know why it does this but I get all the HTML from each post please help me make it stop! :(

  • 1 - htmLaweb bundled plugin must be activate

    2 - Issues with the 3rd-party plugins - try to disable it step-by-step checking the 'broken' replies

  • I did that and I disabled every plugin then I re-enabled the wire and htmlaw and it still showed the same issue. 

  • Looking at the screenshot it seems to me that not only the content of the message is displayed in raw html code but additionally also at least parts of the reply form or even the whole page. So, the question is why is that so?

    Have you modified any code of Elgg or of some plugin yourself, e.g. for theming reasons? Are you using a theme plugin? Are you using any 3rd party plugins that add functionality to the message functionality of Elgg itself? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, I would suggest to first start with disabling any of these 3rd party plugins and in case you modified any Elgg core files itself restore the original unmodified versions of any of these files. Does the problem persist then? My guess is the bug is not in the displaying of the message/reply itself but rather already in the surrounding code somewhere resulting in the html code not getting parsed as html code but just displayed instead. To find out where the bug is you have to return to an unmodified state of your Elgg site (also without 3rd party plugins enabled temporarily). Only when the site works without issues (and Elgg core alone should do that) you can start with enabling 3rd party plugins again to find out which one causes the problem and then start digging in the code of this plugin for the bug. Or if you have modified any code of Elgg core itself debug the modified code for the problem.