trouble clicking on plugin tabs in popup

I can't click on these tabs any more for some reason --- info and files






i seem to be having a lot of problems with this site ..... the features work one day then the next they don't ... anyone figure out why it's such a mess for me ?


i don't get how it works fine a day, then the next all messed up ... i haven't done any changes either for these to happen.


and again my embedly cards don't work ... its on and off one day again. 



thank you :) 

really hope i can fix this site as i don't have time to be doing this every morning with bugs ... hoping ! 

  • just another little thing i just noticed, the gallery view button keeps going and coming back




    so i'm just trying to understand all these bugs .... are they on our server side ? or is it my installation 2.3.1 


    thank you again :) 

  • The gallery icon is only displayed on the listing pages of the files plugin. Is it displayed there consistently or is your issue with the gallery icon not displayed there all the time?

    As with the other issue please update to Elgg 2.3.6. If it has been a bug in Elgg it might have been fixed since version 2.3.1. If not, are there any errors displayed in the browser console? Does the issue occur all the time on the plugins page or only if you have made a change (like changing plugin order or enable/disable a plugin)?

  • my bad sorry, it's just on the files page .. so that's works :)



    ok so i'm going to leave the tidypics plugin for now thank you, i don't know how to install a new version on my host properly without asking the admins, i seem to loose folders or my site crashes completely everytime i ask for help for some wierd reason, so i'm not asking anymore for help.


    i asked for help on my site once and this nice lady came to help, she admitted she wasn't to much of a dev to help but she helped great until she came across something she didn't know and half my site folders went deleted ... rather her admit it she said something like "sorry i can't help any more, your files aren't there thats why ur sites broke, u need a dev for further help" .... my site worked fine before she went on.


    anyways i'll be leaving it thank you anyways :)