I am new to ELGG.  I've been looking for a platform which I can use to create something similar to Facebook, Minds, or LegionFront.me, but somewhat different from all of the above.  I want to do this with open source, and looked at Minds first.  Minds was a mish-mash of a dozen or so different scripted languages, requiring versions that have been out of production for several decades and I never was able to get it to install even when I set up an antique server with the specified software versions.  Legion is based on a commercial product.  I looked at half a dozen other platforms, most were not compatible with PHP 7.2.  Then I found ELGG, installed it, and to the limited degree it functions out of the box it is working. It seems to function with PHP 7.2 okay and at least with no content, it responds reasonably fast. I wanted a Timeline similar to CIA(face)book and searched Plugins and found Facebook Timeline but attempting to install it, it tells me prerequisites not met.  It was written it seems for version 1.8 and I've installed the most recent 2.36, further it does not appear there has been any development on it in three years, so am trying to figure out should i start from scratch, try to adapt the version from 1.8, or is there something better out there?  Any suggestions about where to learn about the innards, the API, etc, so that I can either hack an existing plugin or create my own?