"you must be logged in to view the requested page" error message after login

Hi all,

I get the message "you must be logged in to view the requested page" when I log in but anyway I can reach the site (I don't get all the times this message, sometimes it is ok at the first time).

Sometimes after login I can reach the 'activity' tab (with the message you have been logged in) but sometimes I get this error message "you must be logged in to view the requested page" and I reach the site but within a "page not found" (I have to manually click on activity to reach this tab).

and when I see the URL of the page with the error message this somethings like :"mysite/mod/pluggin/CSS/demo.CSS or CSS/font.awesome.min.css.

But actually in the folder CSS, there is no file called demo.css.

any idea of what was wrong?and solution for this issue?


thanks a lot for your help,



  • You would get this error message only if you have enabled the setting on the advanced site settings page to allow access only to registered users (or if you use the Loginrequired plugin).

    The intention of this setting is to block access to pages/functionality for anonymous visitors that is not absolutely necessary for the site to work (like register/login pages and external site pages) and pages that are not explicitely defined as "public pages" within the code of plugins.

    So, it might be that some 3rd party plugin that you have installed on your site would require one or more of the pages or other functionality it adds to set some additional public pages (i.e. this plugin / plugins is not fully working of an Elgg site that is set up as walled garden site). You could look into the server logs to see if there's some log entries pointing to the pages that are not accessible. Or you could temporarily disable the 3rd party plugins on your site to find out with of them is resulting in the error (and once found out contact the plugin developer about it).