i'm looking for the tidypics plugin

I'm looking for the tidypics plugin but none seem to working for my site, i'm using Aalborg Theme 


is it this theme that's clashing please ?



thank you. 

  • the most up-to-date version can be found here https://github.com/iionly/Tidypics which is the code repository for https://elgg.org/plugins/385077

  • thank you, but it's that one that doesn't work, i tried the older version but that was the same, i had tidypics working a while ago but i don't remember which theme it was, now i just can't get it to work at all.

  • Tidypics from https://elgg.org/plugins/385077 definitely works - also with the Aalborg theme (it's quite common to use it as it already comes bundled with Elgg).

    What does not work? Could it be some other 3rd party plugin installed on your site that causes the problem? I know that some wordfilter plugin breaks Tidypics (also breaks the Files plugin or any other plugin that has some upload functionality). If I remember correctly, the hypelist plugin also causes some issues with Tidypics (but maybe fixed in the latest version of hypelist already).

    If you tried out different versions of Tidypics but haven't removed the tidypics folder from the mod directory completely before trying another version, there might be issues due to deprecated files. If this is the case, disable Tidypics, then remove the tidypics folder before installing the new version. If you have updated your site from an older version of Elgg you also need to make sure to use a suitable release of Tidypics for this version of Elgg. If you have updated Elgg/Tidypics, also check if there are pending updates of Elgg and/or Tidypics (update button displayed on the Tidypics plugin settings page? If yes, first run any pending Elgg core updates).

    Anyway, what's the problem you have with Tidypics? As you refer to the Aalborg theme is it an issue with the pages of Tidypics not displayed correctly? As I already mentioned, I'm sure it's not the Aalborg theme plugin but you might want to test if another plugin is causing the problem (disabling them temporarily for testing).

  • ok so i'v installed it again from your link, when i press 'photo' tab it goes here /photos/siteimagesall

    and i get this 




    and when i press 'upgrade' button next to the 'flush caches' button in my admin panel it goes to this /upgrade.php with the same ing error as above.


    and the upgrade button in the tidypics settings i get this







  • Which version of Elgg? Which version of Tidypics? Had you removed the tidypics folder completely as I suggested before re-installing? Are you sure that all files got copied correctly to the mod folder on the server?

  • version 2.3.1 

    the tidypics link you gave me in your post above, so the top one on the list, i tried the second one down as well.

    yes i did remove the folder completely before re-installing


    this is a screenshot of the folders, i don't know if any are missing sorry.



    thank you again for this help buddy, i really don't get it, i had tidypics installed a few week ago on an old theme i used, but i tried back then aswel again to re-install and i couldn't. 



  • i just gave it another go, i unactivated all the plugins at the same time, i did one at a time last time and it's still not working.


    i get this image tho now in my admin panel with all blank tabs ... i just don't know how this has happened when it worked before. 


    thank you again for the help :) 

  • version 2.3.1 

    Does that's mean version 2.3.1 of Elgg? As Tidypics latest version would be 2.3.3 (and no 2.3.1 version of Tidypics ever released). For Elgg itself I would suggest to use the current latest version 2.3.6.

    Which version of PHP is installed on your server? If it's PHP 7.2.x that might explain the problem because Tidypics 2.3.3 is not yet compatible with PHP 7.2. In this case I can only suggest right now to download the current master branch of Tidypics from https://github.com/iionly/tidypics which includes the latest changes to be included in the next-to-be-released version of Tidypics (including compatibility with PHP 7.2). Or you might wait 1-2 weeks until I'm (hopefully) ready to release the next version of Tidypics.

    If it's not PHP 7.2 that is causing the problem with Tidypics on your site and it's not some other 3rd party plugin, I have to admit that I'm at a loss right now. As you might admit yourself, it seems that Tidypics is totally broken on your site. And you can believe me that Tidypics should definitely work fine under normal conditions.

  • hi .... yes thats 2.3.1 of elgg version.

    this is what i'm set on for my php .... i has this tidypics working before, is my 2.3.1 the latest elgg version ?


    i don't mind waiting for a few weeks for the next version.




    thank you guys ! :) 

  • i got your new tidypics-master download from your link and it's worked :) 


    so thanks for the help :) i loved it when i saw it last time, and it's still an awesome bit of code .. thank you :)