Beginner with PHP, trying to build custom crowdsource funding site

Hi everyone...

I have built websites for several years, ONLY using HTML languages, and some XML. When developing with HTML, I would have a "design" or "visual" mode, allowing me to switch from editing the site via code, or a visual editor. Prime example would be Expression Web. I'm brand new to PHP, I've never even touched it, I'd like to know if there's a visual IDE for putting a website together, using PHP?

I'm building a networking site for a client of mine, and the Wordpress site I've built isn't working the way I had hoped for. ELGG looks promising, but in order to develop quickly, I'll need a visual editor.

  • Elgg templates works similar to WordPress, so once you wrap your head around API and plugin strjcture, you can manage. Main difference is that WordPress dumps an entire page into a single file and each plugin tends to reinvent the wheel over and over. Elgg uses views, which render HTML, so in theory you can use plain HTML and only use bits of PHP, where you want server data output. But to be good at it, you might need and should learn some PHP. It's not rocket science.

Beginning Developers

Beginning Developers

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