How can I see a list of Liked items in elgg org

I have liked certain items / contents in elgg org. How can I get back to those ? That is, how can I see a list of Liked items ? If I really cannot see, any idea why this implementation has been done here ? I am aware of "Bookmarks" which I am using. But interested to know the idea behind "Likes". Thanks.

  • Likes are saved as annotations on the objects. You can get back these objects by using elgg_get_entities_from_annotations() api.

    Matt's liked contents plugin will do this for you --

  • I am asking how I can get back to my liked contents in elgg org - this very site I am posting comments now. Thanks for your response - it is very helpful.

    Off-topic : and shows almost none of the plugins updated for Elgg 2.3.5. Elgg 3 beta is already available. There are many helpful plugins in your repo - will they be updated directly for Elgg 3 any time soon ? Regards.

  • There is no option to get the contents you liked in elgg. org -- better to bookmark interesting pages in your browser.

    Regarding updating outdated plugins: We were so busy in last 2-3 years with some major projects. We will be providing elgg 3 compatible updates for popular plugins soon. 

  • Browser bookmarking is good but does not always sync across my mobile, desktop or office pc or any cybercafe. Elgg org has its own bookmarks BUT "like" is somewhat different type of bookmark. Its a little bit helpful if elgg org implements this feature in the site (and even in the core).

    Its really great to hear your plugins will be available for Elgg 3. Elgg 3 (beta) is already downloadable, so it will be great if we can test the updated plugins now, and report to you. Many Thanks.

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