How to disable the conditions to supply files/photos/videos descriptions

By M1K3

I want to disable the need for users to fill out descriptions of files/photos/videos when uploading? I don't want to force my users to fill out fields if they choose they do not want too

  • The users are not required to add anything into the description field for these content types. They can, if they want to, but only the title field is really a required input field.

  • It seems to only be within Videos plugin by 

    ID videos
    Author Gerard Kanters

    any idea where or what has to be changed for this to be corrected/not required? thanks

  • Most likely it works if you change the line

    if (!$title || !$description || !$video_url) {


    if (!$title || !$video_url) {

    in the file videos/actions/videos/save.php. But I can't give any guarantee that it fully works without issues (as maybe the existance of a description is expected elsewhere in code).