trying to fix an ajax error

hi there ... i'm trying to fix this ajax error (i'm not a coder sorry) and my host after a few hours last night said it's not on their server.

it only seems to happen on this page /groups/activity when you edit a post, then just press save. (edit: it actually happens on other pages aswel, just where the ajax edit load is, i just tested again) 


i tried this with no fix aswel


my host says i'm running this version if this helps   2.3.1

any idea how to fix this please ?  or maybe just disable the edit button completely, they should be good with the delete only. 


thank you. 



  • It might help to disable your 3rd party plugins temporarily to test if any of them is causing the problem (for example not being fully compatible with Elgg 2 or simply due to a bug in a plugin). If disabling 3rd party plugins doesn't help you might want to try updating Elgg to the latest version (2.3.5) to see if this fixes the issue. If one of your plugins is causing the problem you might want to check if there's a newer version of this plugin available.

  • @iionly thank you i will give that a go 


    have a nice week !