Primary address exchange

Hi, I have an amateur question, I will change the address of my site, the old domain will be disabled, how should I proceed, do I need to install the zero? as the site will connect to the database since the current database, user will be excluded.

Version: 2.0.3

  • So, have you changed the site url database entry to match the new domain?

    You might need to flush the cache of the site to get rid of references to the old domain. You can do that by calling the url yoursite.url/upgrade.php.

    If your site still looks not right then and you still can't log in, there's the question if the path to the install directory and/or the path to the data directory have changed. If that's the case, you would need to change the corresponding database entries, too.

    Once logged in (which should work with correct database entries and flushed cache) you could change the site email in the admin section.

  • Yes! I did just that, thank you very much for the help. the site is online again, thanks for the feedback