Primary address exchange

Hi, I have an amateur question, I will change the address of my site, the old domain will be disabled, how should I proceed, do I need to install the zero? as the site will connect to the database since the current database, user will be excluded.

Version: 2.0.3

  • I'm going to try, it's very difficult for me, I do not speak English, I use Google translator

  • And if I just replace the database (user and bank) with the new one and point the site to the new url by cpanel will not work !? clear! after making a backup of everything, is that actually the Elgg documentation does not inform me what I should do on that occasion

  • I thought if my hosting company would do this migration to this new address

  • If only the domain name of the site changes and you don't move to another server, the necessary changes are much less than explained at (the instructions cover the case where the site is also moved to another server and the domain name changes and the paths of install directory and data directory also change).

    If only the domain name changes, you only need to change the site url database entry ( If the site url changes from a subdirectory (e.g. site.url/elgg to newsite.url) you might also need to change the RewriteBase value in the .htaccess accordingly.

    I would suggest to make a backup before changing anything. As I said, if the server stays the same, you only need to change the site url database entry. But having a backup is never wrong. You don't need to replace the database. You only need to change an entry in it as explained in the instructions. So, you won't lose content or users.

    Talk with your hosting company when you can make the change or ask them if they can make the change for you. Of course, the new domain must work before you can make the change. That means there will be some time where your Elgg site is not accessible.

  • I talked to my hosting company, and they informed me that if I migrate from the old domain plan to the new domain plan, the entire content of the site will migrate completely. I believe it is for the same server.

  • As I said, if only the domain name changes but the file paths stay the same (absolute file paths), the necessary change would be only the change of the site url entry in the database. If they don't have to move your data from one server to another at all there shouldn't be any data loss risk. Nevertheless, a backup never hurts. Best would be to talk with your hosting company to find out what exactly they do and to clarify any questions you have. Maybe they even change the database entry for you after the new domain name is established if you point them to the section at

  • thanks for answering. if I do other than what you said. if I create a new database, take the "fullbackup" file and play into the new server, do this procedure similar to a new installation. will I be successful?

  • Hello, I changed the main domain to the new domain, I changed the dns, the site is messy and with broken images, I also need to recreate the emails within CPANEL, which were deleted with URL exchange. I lost access to site administration.