Watch videos directly from the river

¿How can I configure so that videos and music can be played from the activity river without going to the file tab?

  • Sorry for my inexperience, I'm new to elgg how can I do that?

  • You're asks like as a developer. But I can't study you if you don't want to learn self. Or wait someone who will make a plugin for you.

  • If you are having trouble following  RvR's  comment then there is a way to do it through writing some few codes. For example, if you look at , this site plays videos on the river without Elgg_file_viewer plugin that RVR suggested to you earlier.

    However, you will have to custom your videos and music plugin so that during an object upload or creation, the object of your video or music is created on the river. For example, the following code will be located in the file as shown bellow.


    First, after saving video or video image thumbnails and after success message for your video or music, an object item is added to the river of your site by:-

        if ($this_video_is_new) {
            add_to_river('river/object/video/create', 'create', elgg_get_logged_in_user_guid(), $video->guid);

    Second, the following code located in the address bellow is what will show your video on the river?


        $object = $vars['item']->getObjectEntity();
        $video = elgg_view("video/watch/{$object->videotype}", array(
            'entity' => $object,
            'height' => '198px',
        echo elgg_view('river/item', array(
            'item' => $vars['item'],
            'message' => $video,

    To make your videos or music play from the river of your site, first you have to tell us what type of a plugin you are using to upload music or video on your site. After we have the plugin name, it will be easier to write a code for the river items of your site for your viewers to enjoy browsing your site for new and old contents.

    And if your want your viewers on your site to enjoy video viewing experience, you can then make your site to run different video resolutions like YouTube videos or check our this elgg plugin based site

  • Hello, thank you very much for your help, and to answer your question, I do not use any file upload plugins, I use the default of elgg. Do you recommend one in particular? And your YouTube emulation is just beautiful, very good work, I would like my site to be that way. What steps do I have to follow? Thanks for your help

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