Migrating Site to New Server

Migrating an elgg website to a new server.. ?  Might be not as straight-forward as it seems.
We've seen migrations of site with 50 members cause headaches, a few hundred members ? bigger headaches ! 29,000 members ?? horrendous task ! Add to the situation the fact that your new server uses a different control panel  (Plesk in our case) -- one had better be comfortable with linux line commands and know the structure of the file system that supports apache, php, vhosts. ps: backups still running from yesterday ;-)  why did those pesky kids upload so much data ? lolz ! I will try to do a technical analysis later if there is interest ;-)

  • The FK Team is preparing for yet another full-site migration / interfacing between Centos / Windows 2008 Server. There's several features we needed that only comes with the Windows Server-based software that we're implementing and so.. ;-( we gotta learn again...