Apache2 Virtual Host Configuration

For apache2 virtual host configuration files, as everything else is taken care of in the .htaccess, is this the only document option required?

AllowOverride FileInfo

Is Options SymLinksIfOwnerMatch required? Should it instead be FollowSymLinks? Or is it +FollowSymLinks?

Are there any other directory options that are required or recommended?

The only apache information in the Elgg documentation is to edit the .htaccess file a bit, but the apache virtual host conf file is even more important. I understand that this formation is obvious to experienced apache users, but documentation is mainly for those that are inexperienced, right?

  • I just learned through trial and error that FileInfo does not work with Elgg. Here is my current working directory directives:

    <directory /var/www/elgg>
            Options SymLinksIfOwnerMatch
            AllowOverride all

    But more input from more experienced individuals would be awesome