How is the Dev activity these days ?

Returning to Elgg after quite a long time. I will be glad to know from users how is the Dev activity on Elgg at present with regards to

1. Making it at par with current trend of Social networking scripts with "usual" functions out of the box. There are quite a lot of paid scripts on Evanto and other independent sites, almost all are paid scripts with a variety of price but very active dev activity (no guarantee that, that will persist in future too)

2. The Groups or Community seems to have less answers/solutions from devs or co-users these days - less frequent answers to problems or less or no solutions. This is understandable as many devs or users have other priorities, and the days of free, enthusiast scripts are on the wane, with the giant and ugly monopoly of FB, as well as the fact we all need to earn, so that there are no more kids on the block with the ability of creation of stuffs like Drupal or Wordpress. Even many companies advertise fb/ address instead of a www one

3. Shall I go forward with Elgg ? Will there be reliable and reasonable paid support in future ?

  • Community is not an indicator of dev activity. Github is. And Elgg core is on fire with 3.0 beta release a few days away.
    I don't really answer questions in the community because it's the same dozen questions over and over again - people are just lazy to search and try a few things on their own. Half of those are basic PHP questions, which have been asked and answered on stackoverflow.
    I am sure there will be paid support moving onwards. For one, I will no longer be open sourcing my plugins - I have reached a point where I can't maintain them free of charge, so either I abandon them or move towards a sustainable pricing model.