Hypewall or similar plugin that automatically refreshes the activity stream

I am using the latest hypewall from github with latest Elgg, in php7. I also tried with hypewall 5.1. Whenever something is posted via hypewall, it is expected that the same will show up instantly in the activity stream. However I have to refresh page. Any version ore any other similar plugin that does the trick ?? Thanks.

    I have the same problem and I found an explanation that seems valid. if x people refresh at the same time the server will be overflowing. on the other hand there is a solution is just to add the message to the list without reading the base but in this case if someone sent you a message meanwhile you will not see it but it is true that it is nevertheless logical to see what has just been
  • "if x people refresh at the same time the server will be overflowing."

    But the default "Wire" does show whatever is posted instantly. 2 similar things cannot have different behaviors, that will be confusing to users

  • I agree with you
    but I did not have an answer to this problem
    I'm waiting like you an answer

  • https://github.com/hypeJunction/hypeWall/issues/96 - I found this. After a few months this will be one year old issue.

  • I have hypeWall running on a few dozen sites without issues. So it's a matter of your setup. Live refresh is a complex issue which depends on a specific HTML markup, so the moment you have a theme or a plugin that does weird things with lists, things are not going g to work as expected. If you can reproduce the issue on a vanilla install, then open an issue with specific steps to reproduce. "It's broken" is not a valid claim until it's backed up by evidence

  • Hello Ismayil Khayredinov

    Thanks a lot for replying and glad to see you back. My set up: latest Elgg, latest Hypewall, no other plugins, no other themes, nothing else and php 7. (also tried with php 5x) There is already a github issue on this matter as I mentioned above, so opening the same issue will be a "duplicate".I have not claimed "It's broken" as Hype plugins are fantastic extension of Elgg. Only thing is that the page does not refresh automatically for me out of the box, for some other users also as you can see above as well as for some user / users who have reported in github. On the other hand, the default Wire automatically refreshes the stream instantly, no issues there. I have seen demo site with hypewall plugin, having no issue, but I do not know what versions of Elgg and Hypewall they are using. Best regards

  • The ultimate problem with open source is everyone expecting things to work out of the box, but nobody does a f***** thing about it.

  • @kanha @jmperu I've just tested on Elgg 2.3.5 with activated hypeWall 5.2.0 and hypeLists 4.1.6 and all works very well.

    I'm trying it with these activated plugins:

    hypeWall settings:

    hypeLists settings:

    So, as Ismayil Khayredinov said above:

    it's a matter of your setup

  • Rvr, thats great. If its working for you, it must work for us too, Is 5.2 the github version ?

    Ismayil Khayredinov Thanks a lot. It works as per kind instructions and screenshots given most helpfully by RvR. Best regards.