Pagination in Friends

I have following code snippet

$options = array(
        "type" => "user",
        'limit' => '2',
        'full_view' => FALSE,
        'pagination' => true,
        'offset_key' => 'frequest',
        "relationship" => "friendrequest",
        "relationship_guid" => $user->getGUID(),
        "inverse_relationship" => true,

$received_requests = elgg_get_entities_from_relationship($options);
$received = elgg_view("friend_request/received", array("entities" => $received_requests));

The above request will run in a foreach() and generate received friend_requests, but Iam not able to generate pagination results for friend_requests using above logic as or 4 returns same first page , which only have 2 requests (as limit is set to 2)


Can some one assist how we can correctly generate page result using above logic ?