Error for RSSImport plugin

I have removed the RSSImport plugin and no longer using it. However, I am getting the following error in my error log:

ERROR: Class 'AU\RSSImport\RSSImport' was not found, missing plugin?

Please help. How can I remove the same. Why is the error coming?

  • something, somewhere is trying to load an RSSImport entity.  If the plugin is no longer enabled I'm not sure why that would be.  It means the class registry still exists so it's trying to load the ElggObject as an RSSImport, but it can't find the RSSImport class (because you removed the plugin).

    You can update the {dbprefix}_entity_subtypes entry for 'object', 'rssimport' and make the third value empty to have it load as a default ElggObject.  I don't know if that would cause any further errors though because I don't know what is being done with it.