Registration email with uservalidationbyemail is empty

Hello there.

I'm new to elgg and php.

I have elgg on

When I try to register as a user, I receive the following email:

No from address/name specified <********>
Jan 11 (4 days ago)

 to me 
; charset="UTF-8; format=flowed

How can I set a hosting account for elgg?

I can send and receive emails through my mailserver on my hosting provider.

Thank you.

  • By default elgg uses the php mail() function which typically uses sendmail on the server.  Elgg will attempt to set the from address as the address configured in your site settings (Admin -> Basic Settings) but that could be being overridden by the hosting server settings.

    The server sendmail isn't all that reliable anyway, would recommend using the HypeNotifications plugin or something to use either a dedicated SMTP account or service like mailgun

  • Thanks for the info