Merging Username and Display Name

Can both the username and the display name be reduced into the same thing? I still would like my users to be able to change their user/display name but not have to come up with 2 different nicknames for the same website. I don't mind resetting the current users. What I am interested in editing the registration form (however those work). Please keep in mind if I knew the nomenclature (like "hooks") I wouldn't have to ask the question. I am not completely ignorant but it would be great for me, and anyone else needing help, if it was assumed I knew basically nothing. If I could learn to do this I know I could learn to do so much more. I promise to pay it forward at least 10x. I love to teach!

We were all noobs at one point. Noobs are the future!   :)

Very hopefully, gratefully yours,

Austin "lionheart" Gatlin

Beginning Developers

Beginning Developers

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