Event calendar 0.81 released

This release fixes a bug that prevented the displaying of the group calendar widget and tweaks the inline calendar to make it behave more as expected.


  • Kevin,

    Take a look at the site access demo as it has the correct css and js that will prevent the issue with the  custom style mod

  • I'm new to Elgg so please forgive me if this is a really stupid question.  I installed the event calendar and it shows up nicely when I select it from the drop down tools menu.  There is a list of events on the left, and a little blue calendar on the right.  Each day in that calendar is a link... to nothing.  why are they links? are they supposed to go somewhere? is this a datepicker.js issue?  if those numbers are not controlled by the javascript, is there a way to make days that have events a different color?  Thanks for any advice or comments.

  • how to display AM and PM for events?