Event calendar 0.81 released

This release fixes a bug that prevented the displaying of the group calendar widget and tweaks the inline calendar to make it behave more as expected.


  • @lord55 - for now you will probably have to choose between the plugins.

    Putting the date picker in core sounds like an interesting idea - you'd have to lobby Curverider staff to do that.

  • LoL @Kevin ...i will lobby Curverider :-)

    or introduce a stand-alone plugin only with datapicker so all can refer to that.

  • Just to add more detail, I think that the problem is that the modified Flora CSS used by the event calendar does not work with the jQuery 1.3.x datepicker.

    When I did the last event calendar release, I looked into upgrading the datepicker it uses to the 1.3.x version. But that also required that I redo the CSS. Since as it happens, the old 1.2.x jQuery datepicker also works under jQuery 1.3.x, I decided not to bother at this point.

    It's something I'd like to do eventually, however.

  • @Kevin

    some suggestion for new version to add events

    • Event Type (with possibility for admin to add description)
    • Enable Recurring Events (in add form )
    • Highlight This Event (for admin)
    • Invite friends (friend picker)
    • do you think to go to this event? yes no maybe lol facebook style :-)
  • @munkee

    re: Outlook

    this will need more than code on elgg/php - outlook needs reciprocal logic.

  • and another one I lost, googleMaps on location :-)

  • Kevin,

    Is there a way to allow the administrator, and only the administrator, to push an event onto everyone's calendar? I may be just not having the setup right. If not, please consider that function in future updates. Thanks.


  • Hi Fred,

    There is an autogroup function to automatically add all events from groups to the group members' calendars, but no autosite function (yet anyway).

  • @antifmradio - code doesn't "all of a sudden" change its behaviour on its own.


    Something must have happened on your site - some change in the plugin mix or server configuration to trigger this change. I think it's significant that you seem to be having the same problem with both releases, so I doubt it has anything to do with the 0.81 release.

  • Hi Kevin, I like the calendar. I was wondering is there a way to make the calendar a bit bigger so that we could put the titles of events into the actual calendar on the side? It seems like this would help users quickly and visually see what the calendar looks like. Is this functionality in the making?

    I think this would add a lot to the calendar. would it be possible to make a page dedicated to the calendar and then add events that way, that seems like the most user friendly method of doing it. Thanks for any input.