Event calendar 0.81 released

This release fixes a bug that prevented the displaying of the group calendar widget and tweaks the inline calendar to make it behave more as expected.


  • Works for me ...

    I'm afraid that I can't help fix a problem that I can't reproduce.

    Did you try disabling and re-enabling the plugin?

  • Kevin, I was able to get it working...I had to disable:



    QUESTION: How do I display the calendar on the "view all events" page/link?

  • Thanks Kevin.  I disable and enable it again and the error went await.  Strange but thanks for the great work.


  • The date issue (ie. defaults to 1 January 1970, etc...) appears to be caused by other plugins (eg. custom_profile_fields) which also use the jquery datepicker.js but format the date differently.  This causes the event_calendar code to save the dates incorrectly. 

    Possible solutions:

    1) Deactivating plugins which override datepicker.js

    2) Move event_calendar to the bottom of the plugin list (fixes the problem for event calendar, but may cause problems for the other plugins)...

  • Just confirming what William said. Custom_profile_fields version 2.1 was causing the problem. I moved event calendar near the bottom so that it was at least below the profile plugin. All works fine now.

    I now have 19 bad events lurking somewhere that I cannot delete through the program because I cannot find them due to the 1969 and 1970 dates. They show up under the Statistics portion of administration. Is there a good way to delete these events with the bad dates so that the events count is correct?

  • Next issue. The calendar is not showing up on the river dashboard version 1.5.  Shows up fine on the profile page. I do see the calendar widget and it is placed in the left column of default dashboard widgets in the administration section. I created a new member but still no calendar on the  river dashboard. Thanks.

  • Is there any chance we would go for standard UNIX date formatting?  Translating the dates in different languages is a pain, if you run them alongside each other... or is there easy solution for this?

  • Hi

    Finally I solved the way to set the default access group for events created for calendars groups

    For this you have to make some changes in ..\mod\event_calendar\views\default\event_calendar\forms\manage_event_content.php

    1- Add this two lines at the top of the script ( after: $event_calendar_region_display = get_plugin_setting('region_display', 'event_calendar');)


    With this two lines I get an instance of the group where the event is going to be created.

    Arround line 60 you have to replace

        //$access = get_default_access();


        $access =$grupo->group_acl;
    Where $grupo->group_acl will give back the access uid.

    After this changes when you add an event to a calendar group it will set the default access to that group.


  • Would it be possible to add a button which posts the event to your Outlook calendar ?

    In my eyes that would make your plugin exceptional..

    Is it even possible, or am I asking for too much ?

  • there is a conflict with Custom_profile_fields version 2.1.

    I puted event calender at the bottom but datapicker doesn't show in flora style


    the problem is like you said before. so what is the solution? :-)

    for me introducing datapicker in the core, to have a standard one