Event calendar 0.81 released

This release fixes a bug that prevented the displaying of the group calendar widget and tweaks the inline calendar to make it behave more as expected.


  • I added an event but it displays the date as:

    When: 31 Dec 1969

  • Installed the new release. I added an event and it still displays 1 January 1970.  The first day I tried the program in release 8.0, it too displayed 31 December 1969. It stays at 1 January 1970 now. The date field is blank when I go to re-edit the event so that is clearly the issue.

  • I'm afraid that I can't reproduce this problem.

    I tested this with the first and last dates set and not set, and the new time feature set and not set.

    Adding events works for me. The date is set properly.

    Did you run upgrade after installing the plugin (or disable/re-enable it)?

    What settings are you using for the event calendar?

    Is this a group event or a site event?

    Did event calendar 0.7 work for you?

  • Hi Kevin
    Ive installed .81 I will be testing in these days. 

    Please may be somebody can help me

    1. Access Control

    I would like to make that each event that is created in a group will have the default access to that group so nobody but the group members can add the event to their calendar.
    The problem is that it is not very clear for the user how to use the access control, so I would like to facilitate this isue.
    I do not know very well the objects and methos of elgg. May be you can tell me how to  set this in the event calendar, and wich is the code for that.

    2. Calendar belongs to:
    I would like to show in the calendar resume to which group belongs the event:
    Can you tell me how to get the info. I will make the changes by myself ( in agenda_item-view and agenda_header_view) , but again I don´t know how to get that info .

    3. How can I get how many people belongs to a group?


    THanks very much


  • Hello


    I am starting with elgg (since 3 weeks) and I have a problem to insert your code. When I launch the code it's say


    You don't have permission to access /elgg/mod/event_calendar/ on this server.


    Do you have an idea to this problem?


    ps : Sorry if my english is bad I am french

  • @Shinzo There are several reasons why this might happen, but the most obvious is that you forgot to make the directory world readable (or at least readable by your web server) when you installed the files.

  • Thanks for your response


    But when I see my directory it's good my files is in chmod 755 so He can read no?

  • @Shinzo - this is a server-specific admin question (nothing to do with my plugin or even Elgg), so probably best to ask your hosting provider or to post a question on a help discussion forum run by your hosting provider.

  • Okkkk I find what.

    It was beacause I used like this



    And no like this http://myurl/pg/event_calendar ^^


    Thank you for your plugin it's verry good, Iwill try to do lot of things on it like a mousehover, color day where there are events. I think it will be hard for me maybe. Thanks a lot



  • Hi

    As I told befor usually i find is quite complicate for the users to understand how the "access" works,
    FOr that I´ve added a line in the lnaguage files like  'event_calendar:help:access:the_event'=> "Select  who you would like to participate in  this event", and then I added in manage_event:content a line


    after $body .= '<p><label>'.elgg_echo("access").'<br /></p >';
    I think this could be a little improvment to add as default in the calendar plugin  for having a better user interface.