How To Get Paid For Developing Elgg and Any Open Source Software.

Greetings Elgg Creators!

Some of you may have noticed that I have not been on this community site for a long time and that is for a good reason. I have been involved with evolving the blockchain based social network and have had to put my own site and elgg on the back burner. I have done this because Steemit and it's blockchain 'Steem', to me, represent solutions to pretty much all of the problems I have encountered on Social Networks since the beginning. Namely, the blockchain is public and transparent, meaning that I am not censored when using it - unlike Facebook, Youtube and Google+; Plus, there is no real corporate hierarchy controlling things and finally, every post and comment can generate payout in the form of cryptocurrency.

I could make this post very long indeed, because this is a large subject - but I just want to let you all know that there is an amazing opportunity for open source coders currently and if you take advantage of it you can probably greatly boost Elgg development and whatever other projects you support. Since Steem is a blockchain, there are multiple websites that operate on it and one of them is called

Utopian allows contributions to open source projects on Github to get paid, based on the same subjective value system as general posts do on Steemit - with a few exceptions. Firstly, the utopian account on Steem has over a million dollars worth of steem behind it and it upvotes every contribution - meaning that every contribution will get something. Secondly, they have a facility for individual projects on Github to receive delegated steem to pay out contributions to developers who are involved. This means that anyone can invest into Steem with their own money and delegate the use of that steem to their favourite open source project - resulting in all contributors to that project getting paid a bit more for every contribution. The investor does not pay anyone anything in this process and can withdraw their investment after a 13 week 'power down' period and then sell that steem for it's market rate at the time. Steem has been doubling in value recently and has gone from $1 to 8$ in a few months - so basically, you can make 100s of percent profit on your investment AND boost open source projects.

Maybe the Elgg foundation will consider investing it's funds into Steem and using it to reward Elgg development, all while making profit?

There is a chance, as with all tokens, that the value of Steem may drop and obviously this should be considered too - but so far I still see the future of Steem to be bright.

Furthermore, they are launching SMTs (Smart Media Tokens) soon, which allow anyone to create their own crypto coins backed by Steem and integrate the Steem blockchain technology into their own site. An integration for this for Elgg would give a great boost to both Elgg and also the Steem Blockchain. As such I have created a placeholder plugin repo on Github for an integration for SMTs into Elgg in advance of the full API and developer notes becoming available in the near future.

To demonstrate Utopian and Steem a bit to anyone who is new to them, I have created a post via Utopian for this repo here (link goes to my steemit profile which mirrors contributions to Utopian):

It would be great to have a strong collaboration in the Elgg community for this - let me know your thought and feelings on it. :)

  • @ura soul , I read your post and also the Steemit post on the link on my phone even though I did click up vote on Steemit. Your idea is a great one. Elgg needs all help it can get in order to attract and retain highly motivated and visionary developers. In the past few months  I developed an amp for Elgg plugin and I have upgraded it to the latest version even though I have not uploaded it on the community for download yet.

    Now I can see how your idea might help Elgg bloggers (news articles publishes) who in turn will be willing to support Elgg development even further through donations and other ways of supporting open source projects.

    This is just my brain storming concerning your ideas:-

    Site Admins can choose to either fully convert their Elgg site to work only on the Steem blockchain, for maximum similarity of their site to existing Steem based services - or they can choose a hybrid system whereby users can elect to send public posts either only to the existing Elgg Database, or to both Elgg and the Steem/SMT blockchain.

    An Elgg Admin can choose (choose a hybrid system) and keep their Elgg amp page blog (article) on Elgg which will be cached by google to serve google ads on google servers for google article search users and at the same time, send an ad free posts to the Steem/SMT blockchain to serve the Steemit readers for  up vote or down vote purposes. Even though  I have not read Steemit policies and terms concerning posting articles, I think a publisher will be able to benefit twice by just using Elgg site as a way to publish their own posts.

    For reader's information, due to platform wars going on out there, Facebook is trying to salvage Instant Articles by adding support for Google AMP, and Apple News. Facebook wants publishers to create first in Instant Articles which is similar to Elgg Blogs article and then push near-identical versions of their blog contents to other platforms.

    In other words: if you build once on Elgg Blog/Articles, the owner of the article won’t have to worry about styling their bog/article for AMP, Apple News, Facebook instant Articles, Steemit post and many more content platforms because Elgg Articles Framework will take care of all the heavy lifting.

    This processes will be able to reward not only the publishers on Elgg based sites but also Elgg open source project and last but not least, the traffic to Elgg sites might be also be boosted which normally translate to dollars for site admins and article creators or publishers.

    Finally, I have created an article that links to your post on your Steemit article on my site since articles here on community are unfollow for search engines.

  • "Being paid" in cryptocurrency is only useful if you can spend it or exchange it for hard cash. If it's going to sit in your wallet, while it's speculated with, rates fluctuating wildly, it's no better than subsidizing wall street.

  • @Ismayil - Steem and Steem Backed Dollars can both be exchanged for Fiat currency via relevant exchanges (I recommend - I pay money into my bank account every now and again, it's fine.

  • Thanks @tom - i highly recommend exploring to get a better sense of all this. It is possible to get them to pay you for contributing to your own repositories ;)

  • There's now a plugin for Wordpress that auto posts to Steemit.. It might make a great foundation for an elgg equivalent plugin: