Fatal error in Activity widget, user Dashboard

Hi all!

I'm facing the following issue, and I have to solve it "the hard way", by disabling the script. The problem is that if the users remove all widgets in the dashboard, and then tries to add the "Activity" widget, the Fatal Error screen appears. I was able to track down the error to the following line:

: Call to a member function getDisplayName() on boolean in /var/www/mysite/vendor/elgg/elgg/views/default/river/object/comment/create.php:22

The boolean is "False"... The problem is that I have to disable the script create.php (by renaming it) to be able of using the site. The error is gone, everything is loading fine, and it doesn't seems to affect the regular functioning of the site. I'm using hypeInteractions, so maybe that's why I don't see any problem.

I would like to know what this file does, because judging by the name, it seems to take care of the creation of comments in the river...

You know... I'm worried because I see no problems here, and I'm sure that this file has a purpose on Elgg.

Thanks in advance!!!!