Apache2 error.log -- ERROR: ElggMenuItem ..

Hello, I am getting thousands of errors appear in my apache2 error.log:

ERROR: ElggMenuItem::factory: $options "name" and "text" are required., referer: https://www.anonchan.net/activity

Second argument of elgg_register_menu_item() must be an instance of ElggMenuItem or an array of menu item factory options, referer: https://www.anonchan.net/activity

My question is, how can I narrow down the cause of these errors without disabling plugins one by one? Is anyone able to recognize these types of codes or functions? (I am unfamiliar with the terminologies).

P.S. Is this what the "Code Analyzer" plugin is for?

  • Didn't want to start a new thread as this next issue may be linked, but I've tried installing Elgg over 10 times. Every time after it has been setup for over about 6 hours, any changes to any plugin causes the entire site to stop responding!

    3rd party modifications have always been a fantastic way of development, but I've been waiting for Elgg to become stable for 2 years now and things always fall to pieces no matter how careful I am. I'm sorry to be such a downer, but I'm a little frustrated :( I wish I had answers rather than problems.

  • Following up on this, I still haven't narrowed down which plugin(s) are breaking the latest version of elgg, but I have confirmed the problem I am having is triggered when the "flush cache" button is used. No more information at the moment.